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I have never felt energy work actually making noticeable shifts in my body in the moment, like I do with Gillian. During our time together, I feel things moving & releasing, muscles getting softer, tension letting go, pain decreasing. And when I leave her office, I feel noticeable differences in my posture, gait, and range of motion. She un-sticks things! I’ve found that her work is very complimentary to the acupuncture I receive, and it’s usually more beneficial than a massage! In addition, Gillian has a remarkable capacity to hold space in a nurturing way when the work brings up difficult emotions in me. I can trust her with those scary feelings.


Gill has a deeply honed skill and a sincere, caring heart. I have gotten energy work from many powerful healers who I trust and my session with Gill was the first time I could feel the energy tangibly. That is to say, “wow!” It is clear to me that her work brings real healing and life transformation and I highly HIGHLY recommend her to anyone seeking healing of any form.



I am so grateful for Gill! I wasn’t sure what to expect out of energy work in general, but was going through a big transition in my life and had a few injuries I was working through. She came highly recommended. I was blown away by how much our time together impacted me. With her help, over a few sessions, the pieces started to come together and I gained a ton of clarity on how my physical and emotional transitions were deeply intertwined. Her work has given me immeasurable insight and I look forward to the next time.



Gill reached out to me when she heard that I was experiencing some of the most severe neck pain of my life. Through incredible awareness and attention, she guided the stuck energy in my body and I experienced some very clear energy movement and blockage releases during our session. I literally felt tingles and shivers go through my body as things released. She spoke to me as we moved from region to region, holding the space for me to respond verbally as I felt called and react to what I was feeling. I truly felt held. She’s incredibly kind and gentle and brings an intuitive presence like no other person I’ve worked with before. Her office space is so truly calming and comfortable — perfect for this work. I highly recommend her if you’re looking to move through and past pain and stuck energy with devoted and loving intention.



Gill is patient and nurtures her intuition, providing an authentic, individualized experience. She creates a welcoming and safe space which allows you to get comfortable with your inhibitions, then let go. My sessions with her have been powerfully healing and reassuring. Gill is a gifted healer.



Gill is wonderful – compassionate, gentle and knowledgeable. I am grateful to have found her – she is a truly positive and supportive force in my life.


Gillian has such a calm, reassuring and thoughtful way of being. She really listens... she has helped me look at areas of my life in a way I couldn't do on my own. I've moved past some of my heartache and onto a new possibility of life with her assistance


My first session with Gill was also my first time receiving energy work. I suffer from sinus pain related to allergies, as well as anxiety and depression, and a host of gastrointestinal ailments. During the session, I was comfortable, and felt immediate relief from the work Gill does. I have never experienced this form of energy work, and this could be common, but I felt a warmth throughout my entire body, like a cozy blanket, during our session. She spent a lot of time on my stomach and sinuses. For about a week after our session, I didn’t experience any sinus pain! I also felt a sense of lightness and clarity long after our appointment. I cannot recommend her calm, healing work enough!


Working with Gill during the past 5 years has been so power-filled for me! Not only have I gained huge amounts of freedom from things that no longer serve me but I have become so much more aware of my own visceral experience of the energetic/spiritual world. Gill is beyond graceful in her techniques and yet extremely effective. I’ve worked with several healers throughout my life and have had several experiences where a session has felt more vague and ethereal (which I’m sure has it’s place), but what I appreciate about Gill’s work is that I leave with a very clear and grounded knowingness of the work that was done as well as a noticeable difference in the way I feel.


I LOVED my session with Gill. She is warm, friendly, and calm, and her easy-going demeanor helped me feel relaxed and trust her intuition. It was an honor for me to be the recipient of her healing.



Even though it’s my first time doing energy healing, I can tell the experience I had with Gill was amazing. The energy flows better in my body, and I can’t feel my back ache anymore. I believe our energy fields need to be in a good flow, to manifest the best things in our lives and Gill has these gifted hands to heal and cleanse.


Gill is a gifted and insightful healer. Our sessions helped me resolve lingering worries and upsets, enabling me to get back in touch with myself. I recommend her highly.



I’ve been seeing Gill for almost two years. As someone who’s always struggled with depression and anxiety, her work has been crucial in getting me through some rough times emotionally and physically. I always leave feeling lighter and relieved of some oppressive state I didn’t even know I’d grown accustomed to. She has a non-judgmental and compassionate attentiveness that I’ve rarely if ever come across in others that puts me at ease each time I see her, and I feel makes her work more effective. After our first session, a weight had lifted and I slept well for the fist time in a while. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


I consider myself an introvert and a “feeler”, and Gill is incredible at working with someone like me. For me, feelings are very loud in my experience and I also regularly take on other people’s emotions. As soon as I laid down on Gill’s table I felt a deep letting go throughout my body, and over the course of the session I felt not only more and more relaxed, but also experienced that humming, buzzing feeling that lets me know I’m getting rejuvenated and nourished-up. It felt like I had just gone on a week long retreat. I definitely recommend seeing Gill and making it part of a regular nourishment habit.



I had the opportunity to work with Gill this last week and let me tell you, I wasn’t expecting much and when I got out of the studio I felt as though I had figured out many things that were bothering me. It was as though things just clicked in my life. I am so grateful for her energy work which set things in motion in my life to move forward in ways I could not have imagined.


Gill is nothing short of a miracle worker. I went to see her for a chronic health issue, and after one session all of my pain and symptoms are gone. I also left her office feeling emotionally and mentally lighter than I can remember feeling. I was basically a cartoon character strolling and whistling down the street. She’s delightful, insightful, sensitive, kind, and very very powerful. So grateful for her healing work.


Working with Gill has helped me to go through a life transition with more grace, insight, and self-assertion. Her presence allowed for a healing process to start and reflected to me the confidence to continue that journey towards vitality. In my opinion, the space that Gill is holding allows others to propel into a relationship with the most healthy version of themselves.


I came to Gill with a vague notion of what I needed help with. As soon as she started working on me though, both she and I realized there was more there that she could help me with. Her methods are both ethereal and firmly grounded, strong yet soft and gentle. I instantly felt at ease and knew I was being well cared for and truly “seen” in a non judgmental way. I left Gill feeling a sense of peace and lightness in my body and heart. Her compassion and healing energy are strong. I’ve already recommended her to my friends, and now to you!



Gill does some really incredible energy work! I have had the great pleasure of working with her as I heal from surgery for a broken ankle. She helped with the physical issues as well as the emotional and mental aftermath of my injury and surgery. I am super impressed with what she does because I can literally feel a difference while she’s doing it, which is a new experience for me despite having tried a lot of different systems. Her kindness, intuition and and generosity are absolutely unparalleled. I am incredibly grateful! I definitely recommend giving her a try!



As others have said, Gill is a gifted healer and there's just something so incredible about the space she holds for whatever you might be experiencing.

I went to see Gill after debating back and forth about 15 different times about whether this was the right approach for me. My initial reason for going was to release tension and stress, but I got so much more from my session. She helped me shift, release, let go, and ultimately tell a new story about my stress and tension.

I've done a lot of work in this area in the past, and this felt immediately impactful in a way that a lot of my other healing work has not. If you're struggling with subtle aches, chronic tension, and/or stress, I recommend spending some time with Gill and beginning - or continuing - a deep healing process.


I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis two years ago, and after a long period where I had no symptoms, I’m now having many. Gill did a treatment on the area around my thyroid, and I felt incredibly calm and open after the session. Gill has such a calm, grounding way of being and it is healing just to be in her presence.


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