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Meet Gillian

My introduction to energy healing came at just 10 years old, when I learned Reiki from my mom. Through my teens and 20's, I worked with mentors and teachers to grow beyond Reiki. Slowly, I developed my own style of energywork and began integrating other modalities as well. A desire to pursue a less spiritually "woo-woo" healing profession during my 20's (aka, do something more "normal" and socially accepted) took me through Massage Therapy school, Craniosacral training, and a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University. Additionally, I did Birth and Postpartum doula training as a means to explore my longtime interest in being a midwife.

None of these quite struck that cord of "Yes, this is it!" for what I wanted to do with my life. Of course, this is because I was avoiding what I truly felt called to do, and where I knew deep down that I would eventually end up. It wasn't until I very nearly applied to Nursing school as a safe, secure, and predictable career track, that I very clearly felt in my gut that I would be limiting my true work in the world if I chose that path. 


That's when I finally let myself take the leap into offering this work, on its own, as my medicine to the world. I realized pretty quickly that this work was truly my dream job. I'm endlessly fascinated by every session, and invigorated by each ah-ha! moment or feeling of release that occurs during or shortly after a session, when a client realizes a truth within themselves or feels free of a burden they had been carrying. 

Each of the trainings and educational pathways that I explored previously now serve as my foundation of knowledge for the physical body and what "wellness" (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) means and looks like to different people at different times of their lives.

In Fall of 2018, sound healing began to show up in my work. It began with sounds or melodies popping to mind as I worked with clients, and eventually my "I'm not a singer"-self finally allowed them to be vocalized. The songs that come through do not have words, but are composed of tones and voice inflections. As I sing, often accompanied by a drum or rattle, I can "feel" the sound frequencies needed to create shifts in my client's energy, and I allow my voice to match that frequency or tone. As the energy shifts, the vocal tones shift, and it creates a full song. These channeled medicine songs both embody the wounds and energies needing to be release, and harness the medicine needed to support the process of releasing and integrating. Additionally, I channel songs for house and space clearings as well.

These days, sessions may included a blend of energy healing, craniosacral touch, channeled sound healing, medical intuition, breathwork, shadow work, integrating the wounded inner child, soul retrieval, past life healing, intuitive movement, somatic experiencing, cord cutting, and guided visualizations to help clients heal and integrate.


  • Massage Therapy school

    • NW Academy for the Healing Arts - 2011

  • Postpartum Doula Training

    • Simkin Center - 2011​

  • Infant Massage Instructor Training

    • Simkin Center - 2011​

  • Bachelors of Science in Nutrition

    • Bastyr University - 2016

  • Craniosacral Level 1

    • Bastyr University - 2017

  • Birth Doula Training

    • Simkin Center - 2017​

  • Breath Awareness Training

    • Breathing Mandala - 2018

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