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Sound Healing

Please text or email to inquire about booking a sound healing session or a recording.

About Channeled Medicine Songs

I began channeling songs in 2018. At first they were little melodies or repeated sounds that would pop into my mind during sessions, and eventually they became what they are now. The songs that come through do not have words, but are composed of tones and voice inflections. As I sing, often accompanied by a drum or a rattle, I can "feel" the sound frequencies needed to create shifts in you energy, and I allow my voice to match that frequency or tone. As the energy shifts, the vocal tones shift, and it creates a full song. I find that the songs both embody the wounds needing to be released, and harness the medicine needed to support the process of releasing and integrating.


The song you receive will be tailored for your energetics and healing needs, and can also be re-listened to if and when you feel called to work through more layers of the same healing topic. As you listen, treat each song like a meditation, allowing yourself to follow the energy of the song, notice how it moves through your body, and allow space for emotional releases or body movements if needed.

About Home Clearings

When you book a home clearing song or zoom session, I'll ask you to share your address so I can energetically connect with your space more accurately (it will not be used for any other purpose). I'll also have you tell me about your home layout, what you're noticing in your space that you're desiring a shift in, and what kind of energy or feeling you would like infused in the space.

This process can also include creating protections and boundaries for your home as well. This might be boundaries between different spaces within your home (like balancing work-home life energetics, etc), or boundaries/protections from energies (work, world events, neighbors, etc) or individuals outside of your home.

If you're feeling a spirit presence in your home, I can sometimes get a vague sense of them and can help them move on in certain cases, but I'm unfortunately not a medium, so the clearings I offer don't involve dialogue with spirits.

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