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Our bodies carry a library of memories, emotions, and belief constructs about what we deserve or are capable of achieving in life.

Emotions are energy in motion (e-motion). When we experience trauma or strong emotions but are unable to process them in the moment - due to an unsafe environment, we didn't have examples within our family of healthy emotional expression, or we lacked an empathetic witness to our pain/trauma - these emotions get tucked away somewhere in the body until it's either safe to be expressed and/or we've learned the necessary tools for expressing that emotion. 

These unresolved emotions may get stirred up when we encounter situations that feel similar, or have elements that remind our subconscious system of that original wounding. Everyday interactions, as well of bigger life transitions like moving, career changes, new relationships, processing a breakup, or preparing to create a family will often bring things to surface to work on as you move forward - to level up your energy as your life levels up.

Our bodies also carry ancestral woundings and belief constructs through our family lines. For four months, we existed as an egg inside our mother while she grew inside our grandmother. Our cells not only carry energy from our mothers, but also from our grandmothers. Ancestral healing allows us to release and heal the traumas of our ancestors, to release and heal for ourselves, and to release the burden from those that may follow us.

We may also carry woundings from past lives that influence our current lives. These may show up as fears we can't trace to an origination event, in the ways we use or limit our voices, in how we hesitate to share our gifts as healers, teachers, or creators, or even in how much we trust our own intuition and instincts.

These are some of the foundational areas that I support others through during their own healing. I hold space for these emotions and memories to process through and out in a safe container and energetically held environment, for your truths to surface, and to dismantle the false belief constructs that have been built around who you are and what you are capable of. This is the process of unbecoming; releasing all that is not truly yours, or truly you.

I offer this support through a blend of energy healing, craniosacral touch, channeled sound healing, medical intuition, shadow work, integrating the wounded inner child, soul retrieval, past life healing, intuitive movement, somatic experiencing, cord cutting, and guided meditations and visualizations.

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