Distance Sessions (Video)

  • $0-180

    75 Minute

    Distance Video

    Healing Session
    Sliding scale - Pay what you can

    Suggested minimum $50 - Read below

  • $80-220

    100 Minute

    Distance Video

    Healing Session
    Sliding scale - Pay what you can

    Minimum $80 - Read below

  • $0-110

    45 Minute

    Follow up/Tune up

    Distance Session

    Sliding scale - Pay what you can

    Suggested minimum $50 - Read below

  • Free

    30 Minute


    Phone or Video

    A chance to learn more and explore if working together feels like a good fit!

Please note: The 45 Minute Follow up video sessions are available to be booked within 5 weeks after a 75 or 100 minute session.

A Note About Session Changes

With the current health climate as it is, I've switched to video sessions only for the time being in order to continue serving my clients as best I can while also supporting each of our needs to stay home as much as possible. Over video, I am able to connect with your energy just the same as I do during an in-person session, just without the touch aspect. Wondering what that might look like? Here's an example of how I model a client's energy over my own body, and some of the tools I use to connect and work with their system from afar. I am also continuing to do channeled songs for sound healing over video, just as I do in-person.

Pricing Changes

Previous to current events, my payment structure for a 75 minute video session has been $150-180 sliding scale, with anything above $150 being an optional “pay it forward” (allowing me to do free or lower rate sessions). Similarly, the 100 Minute Session is normally $180-220, 45 Minute Follow-up Session $90-110, and the 60 Minute Child Session $110-135.

If you’re still receiving your usual paycheck and can still pay the full rate, amazing. Whatever you can offer will be deeply appreciated.

If you’ve lost income partially or entirely, I’m offering a sliding scale with a suggested minimum of $50, but I also I welcome whatever you’re able to offer in return.


Alternative, non-monetary "payments" or energy exchanges that I also welcome can be trades, or a google or yelp review (which is honestly really helpful and valuable to me at the moment).

If you’re really needing some energetic support to recenter, ground, clear some anxiety, or do other healing work that is arising in you right now, please don’t hesitate to book. We'll sort out the rest. You're also welcome to contact me through the form to ask any questions before booking.

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