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Distance Sessions (Video)

A Note About Session Changes

I am currently offering video sessions over Zoom upon request only. Please reach out via email or text to inquire about booking a session. Sessions are available on weekends only for the time being.

Over video, I am able to connect with your energy just the same as I do during an in-person session, just without the touch aspect. Wondering what that might look like? Here's an example of how I model a client's energy over my own body, and some of the tools I use to connect and work with their system from afar. I am also continuing to do channeled songs for sound healing over video, just as I do in-person.

Distance Session Q&A

Is distance healing as effective as in-person energy healing?

Yep! I can tap into your energy from anywhere, with your permission. We do miss out on the sensory experience of touch, but the effect is just the same. I'm a big ol' physical empath, meaning I pick up physical sensations as information. When I work with your energy over video, I invite a copy of your energy to settle into my body so I can feel where your energy is stuck, shifting, or clearing. I may also invite your energy to "stand" in front of me so I can look at or feel your energy as if you are physically present with me.

How should I prepare?
Pre and post-session expectations?

I encourage clients to dress as comfortably as they'd like, ideally wearing non-restrictive clothing. So basically all the pajama and loungewear we're all very accustomed to at this point ;) You're welcome to sit or lie down during the session. I usually just ask that you orient your camera to have your face/head in frame even when lying down so I can still pick up on non-verbal cues as needed. If possible, find a quiet space with minimal distractions.

Try to schedule your day lightly on the day of the session and create space for rest, self-care, and self-compassion afterwards. This may include having an epsom salt bath, taking a walk, getting a full night of sleep that night, journaling, having a friend who's a good listener to talk to afterwards, eating a yummy, grounding meal, or taking space for yourself for at least an hour after the session. Give yourself some time and space to integrate and understand that you'll still be processing in both subtle and overt ways for a few days after the session as well.

When you book a session, your system will often begin preparing for the session ahead of time. You might feel emotions come up or your body might begin processing things hours or sometimes days before the session. Situations or realizations may show up in the days leading up to your session that remind you of what's ready to release, bringing those things to the surface, ready to go. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself as things come up, acknowledging that you're preparing to release what no longer serves or nourishes you so that you can grow, move forward, and elevate your energy.

What does a session look like?

Every session is unique. As I work, I tend to move my hands around quite a bit. As I do this, I am both feeling where energy is lighter or denser, the texture of it, and where a focus of energy is located. My hands are guided by your energy, as well as your spirit guides, my guides, and Spirit to help direct me to what's needed. I also tend to have my eyes closed for stretches of time in order to "see" your energy and pick up on visual understandings of the energy being worked on.

Throughout the session, I will narrate what I'm feeling, what I'm seeing, and what I'm focusing on, to keep you in the loop, and you might have sensations, thoughts, or noticings to share that help add some puzzle pieces to what we're working on. Not everything makes sense in the moment, but I share it anyways, knowing that by the end, we've typically gathered enough clues to get a bigger picture of what it all means.

Some sessions are very conversational, especially if you tend to be a verbal processor, and in that case I will drop into tending to the energy of the experience you might feel compelled to share, sharing intuitive insights or noticing where that experience is being held in your body, and also looking for the thread within the story that connects us to the core or root of a pattern, trauma, or belief construct that needs more healing. Other sessions are quieter or more meditative, dropping into sensory work, or guided meditations, or working with a medicine song to help you process and integrate. Sometimes sessions are a blend, depending on what's needed and what your energy is ready to work with.

Will I feel anything?

Everyone's experience is different. Some clients report sensations of tingling, warmth, tension or aches that surfaces noticeably before they release and clear, or even sometimes a feeling of "touch" in the location that's being worked on. Others share that they simply feel relaxed throughout the session. Along with potential physical sensations, you might also have thoughts or memories come to mind, see colors or images, or feel emotions come to the surface to release. All emotions are welcomed and honored as you process and integrate during a healing session.

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