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Womb & Voice


The Sacral Chakra (womb) and Throat Chakra (voice) are deeply connected and often interdependent in their expressions of imbalances or energetic blocks. For individuals raised as females, it's very common in our society for us to not feel comfortable acknowledging or connecting with our womb space, which includes not only the physical organs (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, vagina, and vulva), but also the energetic container they are held within; the sacral chakra.


On a societal level, this disconnect and discomfort is largely influenced by extremely limited education around the female body, and the lack of empowerment and self-advocacy over our bodies that this creates. On an individual level, if we've experienced mental, emotional, or sexual abuse or traumas, we may have difficulty feeling or witnessing the emotions stored in our bodies from those events - so we just don't look. In session, I create a safe container for you to feel held and supported if you choose to look, and to whatever degree you feel ready to process and integrate. In sessions where trauma is a focus, I allow my clients to self-lead, and also notice when there is guidance needed. Sometimes that means I offer verbal guidance to look a little deeper to find the root, and sometimes that means I simply hold space and tend to the energy as they do their own inward processing. 

Another layer of these emotions or traumas may be ancestral, from our mothers, grandmothers, and beyond, if they've endured traumas or passed down belief structures through the family line. Afterall, we spent 4 months as eggs inside our mothers, while she grew inside our grandmothers, and as a result, we may find ourselves carrying energetic patterns and emotional signatures from them as well. In session, we would look at what is being carried that is not yours, offer it compassion and healing, and release it from your family line. In doing ancestral healing, you not only heal yourself, you also heal your ancestors and even your descendants.

The sacral chakra, located just below the bellybutton, is the energetic center for creation and creativity, emotions, passion, sensuality and pleasure, sexuality, and relationship energy. It is also the center of our instincts and a divine womb wisdom; a connection to our subconscious and to nature. Its energetic foundation is formed during early childhood, between roughly age 6 months to 2 or 3 years old. If we experienced any level of abuse,
neglect, rejection, or a lack of emotional mirroring during this early childhood period, those experiences can also affect its formation and how we function from this energetic center.


In our predominantly masculine, fast-paced, and driven society, the deep wisdom carried here is often suppressed and our balance between the masculine and feminine energies become skewed. This imbalance and the wounds we carry here may manifest as a lack of creativity, low libido, uncomfortable or painful sex, dissociating during intimate encounters, dysfunctional relationships, physical pain and discomfort (painful cramps, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, PMS), difficulty accessing and witnessing our emotions, challenges with conceiving, and struggles with self-worth.

My desire in this work is to support you in connecting to your womb wisdom (whatever age or stage you are in life - maiden, mother, or crone), to support you in healing from the trauma, pain, or grief you carry, and to awaken and empower your connection with their own divine gifts and your innate intuition. There's a fierce power we carry and I want my clients to feel empowered to tap into that raw, amazing gift for themselves. Just in doing this for yourself, it creates a ripple effect for others to begin to awaken it within themselves. As you heal yourself, you heal your family, and you heal the community around you
. This is how we create deep change, and empower the divine feminine in all of us, regardless of gender.

Within the women’s health, fertility, and womb healing that I offer, clients have booked healing sessions to focus on hormone imbalances, PMS, period recovery/amenorrhea, relieving cramps, PCOS and endometriosis care, sexual healing, grief support and healing after pregnancy loss (miscarriage and abortion), preparing body and relationship/family dynamics before or during ttc (trying to conceive), sciatica/back pain during pregnancy, general pregnancy care, labor prep, postpartum healing, healing from birth trauma (for parent and baby), C-section recovery, supporting lactation production, infant craniosacral/healing work after birth, ancestral womb healing, as well as empowering the divine feminine and womb wisdom within each of us.

Image by Azmarina Tanzir


The Throat Chakra is located at the center of our throat, and energetically spans from ears to shoulders. It governs both verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as internal communication (intuition and self-talk) and external communication (relating to others and sharing your truth). It is largely about self expression, including creative expression. This is why it is so closely intertwined with the Sacral Chakra, because one can't fully express itself without the essence or the medium of the other.

Physically, the jaw closely mirrors the physical structure of the pelvis. The occiput (lower back of the skull) is related to the sacrum (bottom of the spine and tailbone area), and relieving tension in the jaw and neck through massage (or self-massage) can relieve tension in the hips. Further, the structure of the larynx reflects the structure of the uterus, cervix, and vaginal canal, and vocal cords reflect the pelvic floor muscles as well as the vulva (illustrations below). I've also shared below one of my favorite videos/interviews I've seen that explains this connection.

We use our throat chakra to express our thoughts, our heart, our need for safety and security, and our personal power, including; setting boundaries, asking for help, and honoring our self-worth. Each of our other chakras express themselves through the throat chakra in some capacity, and the throat chakra acts as a bridge between the heart and brain, so they can send and receive messages from one another.

Whether a direct or indirect focus during a session, the voice is a powerful force, and is deeply connected to the healing we do in every area of our lives. My hope is that every session you receive brings you closer to your truth, empowers you to reconnect with your voice, and supports you in reclaiming and harnessing that power to express yourself; your truths, your needs, your boundaries, your creativity, and the magic that your have to offer the world and to those around you.

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Illustrations by Luisa Alexandre (@luisaalexandre)
Video by Danell of @cervicalwellness
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