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Distance Sessions (Video)

In-Person Sessions (Seattle)

Not available at this time due to health measures. Please choose distance session to book. Thank you!

Please note: Follow up video sessions are available to be booked within 1 month after a standard in-person or distance session.

Want to follow up in-person? Send me a note and we can make arrangements. In-person pricing is $100-120.


Please note: Packages are non-refundable and have no expiration date.
Want to create a specialized package to meet your needs? Message me with the number of sessions (minimum of 3) and the blend of session types that you want to receive, and I'll create your package for you. Package discounts start at 12% off for 3 sessions, and up to 25% off for 6 sessions. 

Scholarship & Reduced Price Options

A note about sliding scale prices

I strive to make the work that I do as accessible as possible to anyone that desires support in their healing. If you have the means to pay it forward a little bit by selecting an amount towards the higher end of the sliding scale, that extra little bit adds to my ability and capacity to work with clients coming from a variety of incomes and budgets.


Scholarships and Reduced Price Options

I offer 3 session per month at 50-75% of standard price (lower end of sliding scale prices listed) and 2 sessions per month for free. If you're unable to pay my standard prices at this time, and would like to apply for one of these reduced price sessions, please fill out the form, let me know what you can afford, and I will connect with you to send you a booking link as soon as I'm able.

Get in touch about reduced pricing options

Thanks for submitting!

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