For Those Who Seek

For those who seek to connect

To connect with your own inner wisdom

The wisdom of your heart, your body, your intuition

To begin to trust again


For those who seek to release

To release pain, trauma, grief, shame

To release attachments that no longer serve

To release the identities that you adapted to

For safety, for fitting in, for staying small

Identities that no longer fit


For those who seek more presence

Presence with your body

With your voice

With your heart

With your womb

With your divine feminine nature

That is already rising within

Asking to be felt, seen, heard, embraced


For those who seek to embrace

To embrace your whole self

Your divine self

The fierce, wild, powerful, loud self

The soft, deeply feeling, wise, in-flow self

The self that was tucked away, that was hidden

When it was told "you're too much"

When it was told "you're not enough"

The self that holds the magic

Your magic


What I Specialize In

Reclaiming Your Voice

Sexual Healing


Medicine Songs

Healing from Trauma

What Clients are Saying

I have never felt energy work actually making noticeable shifts in my body in the moment, like I do with Gillian. During our time together, I feel things moving & releasing, muscles getting softer, tension letting go, pain decreasing... Gillian has a remarkable capacity to hold space in a nurturing way when the work brings up difficult emotions in me. I can trust her with those scary feelings.

- Katrina

Gill is a gifted healer and there's just something so incredible about the space she holds for whatever you might be experiencing. My initial reason for going was to release tension and stress, but I got so much more from my session. She helped me shift, release, let go, and ultimately tell a new story about my stress and tension. I've done a lot of work in this area in the past, and this felt immediately impactful in a way that a lot of my other healing work has not.

- Carrie

Her methods are both ethereal and firmly grounded, strong yet soft and gentle. I instantly felt at ease and knew I was being well cared for and truly “seen” in a non judgmental way. I left Gill feeling a sense of peace and lightness in my body and heart. Her compassion and healing energy are strong.

- Tara